We automate the filming of your games

How it works

Our custom technology

  1. It films
    Keemotion automated production technology films your game without any human interaction needed
  2. You interact
    Interact instantly with your games and retrieve immediately all the content filmed
  3. It's online
    Share all phases or favorite highlights within your prefered network at the push of a button


Discover what you can do

Produce and live stream

Broadcast your games live on the web easily and seamlessly. Build your sports channel on Youtube or Dailymotion in 5 minutes.  

Live stream made simple
French league's games are streamed live thanks to Keemotion.
Basketball draft live streamed
Portsmouth invitational tournament streamed live on CBS.


Video production, Marketing or Coaching ?

Solutions for production

Solution for
sports production

More content for less money. Viral ready !

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Solutions for marketing and social medias

Solutions for
marketing & social medias

Get more visibility and monetize your content

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Solutions for coaching

Solution for
sports coaching

Improve your game while playing and saving time

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